Crystal Cover albums have a full acrylic square image on front. The back cover is on color. Choose between different sizes & colors:

8x8in. /10x10in./12x12in.

.25mm Acrylic surface cover.

 Choose between different colors and style's we print! Book album's come in different sizes and materials, I focus in 3 different photo albums: HARD COVERCRYSTAL COVER & ALUMINIUM COVER... but if you got any other reference from any other style or specific album, please let me know for other possible personal option if it your desire!


 The "books albums" have the modern magazine look; the images are printed in the same pages just as a magazine. They are designed and printed in professional labs, with the best treatment, quality and professional service. Pages are rigid instead of common print paper. To learn more about the "book albums" give us a call to arrange a meeting where i can show all my books physically & that way you can have an exact idea. -Padial




Aluminium Cover albums have a full shiny gloss square image on front. It can be brushed texture or white texture cover. Choose between different sizes & colors:

8x8in. /10x10in./12x12in.

Aluminium Brushed surface details.

 Choose between different colors and style's.

 Choose between different colors and style's.

Hard Cover surface details.


Hard Cover albums comes with a textured image/cover full wrap around,in full color high quality photo paper. It can be done in different sizes, my main layouts or designs are: 6x6in. /8x8in. /10x10in.

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